Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen: A Playground for Coffee, Food, & Wine Lovers!

A coffeehouse where not only coffee comes alive, it indulges and gratifies your gourmand demands and oenophile taste buds. What more could a gal ask for? From breakfast/brunch to dinner and dessert, I have had the pleasure of dining at Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen on numerous occasions – a place where I can leisurely sip a freshly brewed cup of coffee, swirl a wine cocktail, and nosh on some delicious and locally prepared dishes.

First things first, Coffee – Yes, I confess I am a coffee snob who thinks that specialty coffee deserves to be everywhere. Ms. Sunshine Baker, Social Media Consultant for Barnie’s probably wasn’t aware that I am a coffee nerd. Mille grazie (thousand thanks) to her for introducing me to a Florida original, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Company®. From Pour Over to Chemex to and French Press, Barnie’s Kitchen caters to all styles.

Today, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea has become Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen®, our natural evolution: coffee, food and community. From sourcing the best coffee beans from family farms and premier growers to sharing our enthusiasm for fresh ingredients, we believe in making coffee an experience. We offer over 50 coffees, each hand selected to respect the pivotal role coffee has played in global cultural traditions. We are also committed to supporting earth friendly and organic practices by offering a selection of Organic, Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance coffees.

Barnie's Coffee

Now I am a straight up double shot girl, no sugar or cream….The Turkish Latte surprised even me? Espresso and milk kissed with cardamom – warm, spicy, bold – it was delightful!! At Barnie’s, Coffee isn’t merely considered to be a beverage on the morning menu, it is the Star 24/7.


Turkish Latte


I adore brunches. Needless to say, I had to check out Barnie’s brunch menu. Barnie’s two-course brunch menu with a selection of wines or specialty cocktails is a steal. The Acai Energy Bowlorganic almond milk smoothie served with banana, greek yogurt, and granolahealthy never tasted so good. Served with freshly baked croissant and house made preserve, your body and foodie heart will be smiling cheek to cheek.

Brunch at Barnie's

From the aroma of fresh coffees to savory food cooked-to-order, everything is crafted to perfection. Check out the vibrant colors and fresh flavors. Our brunch tasting comprised of: Market Greens Salad, Belgian Waffle with fresh fruits, Tacos Barbacoa, and Israeli Shakshuka. Barnie’s and Executive Chef Camilo Velasco showcase their local, farm to table philosophy by sourcing from the best of local and seasonal produce, is a win-win situation from the farmer to consumer. Kudos!! Combined with the expertise of Ms. Valdez, the VP of Coffee and Tea for Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen who oversees the sourcing, specifications, quality control and recipe development of all coffee and tea products, Barnie’s is a mecca for coffee and food lovers.

Barnie's Brunch Dishes

On the recent meetup of CFL Food Bloggers hosted by Barnie’s Kitchen I had got the opportunity to sample Barnie’s dinner offerings. Seared Scallop with yuzu braised fennel, watercress, blood oranges, and pistachio, Tuna Carpaccio, Wild Mushroom Tart, Harvest Moon Roasted Vegetables, Roasted baby carrots, caramelized sunchokes, watermelon radish, mushrooms, & potato, finished with a warm sunchoke cream. Buttermilk Poached Chicken Breast with a saron farro “risotto”, sauce romesco, & charred green tomatoes, and Herb Crusted Lamb Loin with a cassoulet of beans,heirloom carrots, & preserved lemon were few of the delicious stars of the evening, including endless sips of wine and coffee.

Yep, Barnie’s isn’t your local coffee joint, it is a place where family and friends gather over delicious food and libations to celebrate life and love.

Roasted Lamb, Cassoulet Beans, Heirloom Carrots

Mr. Baker did a brilliant job of capturing the essence of the evening. My tagline “love is all you need” is shared by Mr. Jonathan Smiga, President & CEO of Barnie’s:” How does a customer pay you back, when you give LOVE”. It’s about giving and receiving Love.

Calling all coffee snobs: If pre-ground coffee is not an option, you are more interested in how and when the coffee was roasted, or the sight of crema brings a warm tingle down your spine. Check out Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen – it just might become your favorite coffee spot.

And for all you non-caffeinated people (did I just say that), from freshly baked breads to hand-crafted meals and specialty cocktails, there is plenty of reasons for you to fall in love with Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen.


Libations at Barnies

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