Bosphorous Turkish Restaurant

I am on a perpetual hunt for variety and new ventures.  Eventually though, craving for one dish in particular dish takes me back to previously visited restaurants. For me, the dish that brings be back to Bosphorous is the Cold Mixed Appetizer plate (combination of humus, babaganoush, smoked eggplant salad, sautéed eggplant, tabbuli, ezme, tarama, haydari, and stuffed grape leaves) and their signature house made bread called Lavas.

Each of these cold dips taste delicious on their own, the variety will please all palates on your table. Refreshing with the Yogurt and Cucumber dip, spicy Ezme with the Tomatoes and Jalapenos, and the creamy Hummus and Tarama to name a few. I simply adore the warm bread with the sesame seeds sprinkled on top; it is a perfect complement to the dips. With the exception of one (tarama) the rest of the dishes are vegetarian, so a great option for vegetarians.


The Falafel in my opinion is a chickpeas patty, if fried just right, is crunchy on the surface and fluffy in the middle, with a nice balance of herbs and spices. Serve it with tahini, a tangy sesame sauce, and is a tasty alternative to sandwiches or burgers, especially for vegetarians.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t describe the same for the Falafels at Bosphorous. Whether it was the shape of the patty, overly fried, or perhaps the batter lacked some leavening agent to make it fluffy; either ways it was too dense, rock hard and dry to swallow. Even my teenage son, who is ‘forever hungry’ left the dish untouched?


Moving on to our main course – Mixed Grill platter (assortment of chicken and lamb kebabs). The lamb doner and chicken kofte kebab were my favorite. All of them were grilled to perfection, as per our request, medium.  Our entrée came on top of a bed of basmati rice and hint of vermicelli generously doused in clarified butter, pickled red cabbage, fresh carrots, and red onions with parsley. All of the sides were refreshing and balanced  the generous helping of kebabs.


Turkish cuisine, not entirely sure what truly is authentic Turkish food. To me I find most of Greek, Turkish, Lebanese food consisting of similar items from the Middle East region that encompasses Western Asia and North Africa.

The location is ideal; the ambiance can be noted as quintessential; the service is rather impersonal, not much to speak about.  Overall, in spite of its hits and misses, Bosphorous does a decent job of serving tasty meals to Central Floridians who yearn for diversity and change. 


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