Chez Jacqueline: Oh! Why Do I Even Bother?

My dear friend generously made an extra special trip to personally surprise me with some of Ms. Jacqueline’s creations.  The desserts were beautifully presented, meticulously made, and exuded fresh flavors. It is time to pay this French bakery a visit.

My Garmin drove me straight to the address listed on – 101 N Country Club Road. However, I seemed to have gotten lost? 101 was a retail store. I drove past it twice before I got out of my car and walked around, eventually stumbling across the bakery. The right address turned out to be 126.  It is tucked away in the center of office/retail space additionally; the lack of any large signs viewable while driving into the complex didn’t help matters too. I do hope Ms. Jacqueline addresses this error at her earliest convenience.

Minimally decorated walls, empty space, but most of all the display of modest assortment of baked goods in the back of the place sadly, left me disappointed. Perhaps the goods were sold earlier in the morning?

I found the prices, pricier than Fresh Market or Whole goods. Why am I comparing it to high-end chain grocery stores? Cause the taste test didn’t win me over to label it as a French stand alone / local artisanal bakery. A bit harsh maybe however, my frequent travels to Europe, bakeries like Bouchon, Le Pain Quotidien, and E.A.T in NY; La Boulange and Patisserie Philipp in SF; Paris Bakery & Café in Miami to name a few perhaps have spoiled my palate and raised the bars personally for me.

I do wish Ms. Jacqueline all the best in our endeavors. Hopefully by moving the location to a more accessible location and honing her marketing skills Ms. Jacqueline will be able to generate an acceptable volume for her business and earn loyal patronage. If you are in the vicinity, do pay the bakery a visit. After all, some days are better than others.


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