Chilangos: A Hidden Gem Worth the Drive!

The buzz about Cinco de Mayo especially after the fiesta #hgeats chat hosted by The  Hungry Goddess left me yearning for Mexican food. For me to whip up a Latin feast, I need at least 48 hours notice to ensure adequate marinating of both meat and pickled vegetables.

For instant gratification the perfect solution was to take a drive to my local favorite Mexican Restaurant – Chilangos. Located a few miles of 434 and 17/92 in Winter Springs, Chilangos is a family run restaurant by The Silva Family offering home style Mexican fare in a compact and colorful setting.

On the menu you will find a mixture of non-pretentious, humble selection of popular classic selections and traditional authentic items like tortas, huraches, and sopes. Stroll down the menu and you will find choice of meats listed. A variety of meats offered with dishes especially made to order. One has the standard Tinga de Pollo, Asada, Carnitas and for the seasoned eaters like me, Lengua and Chorizo.

Eaten at Chilangos multiple times, I have my personal favorites picked out; this is the reason I came for dinner in the first place. I ordered La Torta Loca, Hurache with Lengua, Mexican Style Tacos with Chicken, Pork, and Asada, Tamale with Pork.

If it is your first visit at Chilangos, the large print food shots should greatly assist in making your choice. It’s a thoughtful touch especially when it comes to ethnic cuisines.

Ultimate Mexican Torta!

I don’t eat too much carbs but La Torta Loca is one enormous sandwich I like to eat by myself. Generous portions of asada, carnita, ham, and chicken, topped with Mexican slaw, layered between buttery toasted bun; what’s there not to LOVE?

The Mexican style Tacos are filled with well seasoned meat. Note I mention Mexican style, because it comes only with onions and cilantro. There is a Salsa station where you can pick your choice of sauces – red, chipotle, tomatillo ranging from mild to hot; it also offers caramelized onions and pickled jalapeño peppers.

Pollo, Asada, Carnita Tacos

The Huraches was topped with refried beans, onions, cilantro, sour cream, fresh Mexican cheese and Lengua. I enjoy the savory, spicy, and sweetness combination of this dish. It is a tad heavy on the palate therefore I recommend sharing it.


Huraches with Lengua


Tamales are my Mexican comfort food; a dish which is labor intensive and unfortunately most Mexican restaurants do a poor job of representing this wonderful dish. One bite of Chilangos Tamales confirm that they are home-made especially since they use white masa. The tamale was savory, with a hint of sweetness, and generously filled with seasoned pork. I relished every bite of it.

Tamale - Pork in green sauce


A brief background – I discovered Chilangos when I first moved to Orlando a few years ago. My quest for finding authentic, ethinic, and local restaurants brought me to Chilangos. I have perhaps visited quite a few Mexican restaurants in CFL and in my personal opinion; it is one of the best joints offering authentic Mexican flavors.

For all the people hooked on the complex yet comforting flavors Mexican cuisine has to offer, Chilangos is one restaurant I am pleased to endorse; which is worth the trek, regardless of which suburb of Orlando you reside in. For more details you can contact Chilangos via their website and FB Page.


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