@ColleenBurns Making @YelpOrlando the Coolest Place in Town!!

With the rise of the Internet and social media, we now have at our disposal amazing communication tools, connecting us with local business, literally with a click of the button. With honest reviews from real people and critics alike, our decision-making has been made a lot easier by using Yelp, Urbanspoon, and Zagat to name a few. Since I write restaurant reviews, I typically post them on various dining review sites, one of them being Yelp, a San Francisco review site.

Recently I was nominated to be part of the Yelp Elite Squad which opened a Pandora of events from local bars to golf resorts, giving me an awesome opportunity to hang out with these cool Yelpers. It’s quite simple, Yelp invites me to these events whereI get to enjoy good food, scintillating company, and I get to yelp about it…How cool is that…

This time around I am taking a short detour to write about the sole reason or should I say person who makes these events such a fun place to be….ever smiling and engaging Ms. Collen Burns. Colleen Burns is the Yelp Community Manager for Orlando who goes out of her way to host a perfect yelp elite event or does it come naturally to her? Either ways, she is one cool chick and I simply wanted to acknowledge all her hard work. In her own words:

Loud laughing, thunderous clapping, cider craving Orlando Community Manager here! Planning events & reading your reviews is my passion. I am also obsessed with puppies, dancing & Kaskade @YelpOrlando

‘A picture is word a thousand words’ and Mr. Jim White, the exceptionally talented photographer of Jim White Photography illustrates this point beautifully. Here are a few snapshots of the priceless moments he captured through his lenses. Check out rest of the photographs taken by Jim here.

Colleen opened the world from roasted suckling pig at Oblivion Taproom to an eighties inspired evening at The Fifth for us. Always finding cool ways to re-connect us real people with each other. So thank you Colleen, for not just fun times but for being YOU!! You always do make my day brighter!!

Not only did I get to enjoy cool parties, I connected with some awesome people too: Trung N, Kelly M, Paul L, Brett N, Iryna S, Jay N, Sabrina B, Sunshine D, & Mimi G.

Yelp reconnects you with real people and local business. So if you haven’t already done it, log on to Yelp and start yelping…You never know, you might be the next ‘cool’ yelper.


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