Did I Mention I Love Brisket? Chris and Stew’s Brisket Bus Food Truck

Even though Orlando Food Truck Bazaar debuted in March of this year; I caught the Food Truck Bug only recently. I chose Lake Nona Food Truck Bazaar as my virgin endeavor since they had 19 food trucks attending; I do relish my variety.

Little did I know that the extensive assortment could hardly be experienced in one visit, not to mention my poor stomach? There is only so much a poor gal can eat. Having the knowledge that Orlando hosted at least 3-4 bazaars a week was some consolation. At Lake Nona, I quickly browsed through the bazaar noting which trucks were attending the Apopka Food Truck Round Up the following week. That narrowed the selection to a few, which I could taste and truly relish the experience.

This brings me to Apopka Food Truck Round Up, hosted every first Thursday of the month at Kit Land Nelson Park. They have 11 resident trucks, plus 3 visiting trucks rotated on the basis of Facebook fan votes and an in-house wait list.

I have to confess that I was a tad bummed I was unable to taste the C&S Brisket Bus on my first visit to the food trucks at Lake Nona. Being a NY girl at heart, Brisket is by far my personal favorite choice of meat for sandwiches and otherwise. Imagine my excitement, when I discovered that there was a Food Truck dedicated to Brisket, Yeah! Rest assured, at Apopka, I promptly walked up to the Brisket Bus, and mind you my heart was already doing somersaults!!

It was going to be an interesting evening at the very least. Either I will LOVE it or worst, hate it. We ordered the Majestic and the day’s special: The Black & Blue.

The Black & Blue Sandwich was brisket, lettuce tomato, roasted garlic and blue cheese aioli on a Brioche. Oh My!! One bite and I was squealing in sheer delight; juicy brisket, perfectly dressed, and a buttery brioche, totally decadent!!

Black and Blue

The Majestic as its name aptly depicts is toasted rye topped with over sized brisket slices, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, horseradish, and thousand island dressing; a sandwich which will make any delicatessen puritan proud and content. Living in Forest Hills, Queens, I had been surrounded with the very best and worst of NY had to offer in delicatessens.  And, to be honest, I have great expectations from a Brisket Sandwich since I am fastidious for taste and quality.

The Majestic

That said C&S Brisket Bus’s brisket won me over in one bite. The tender brisket was beautifully seasoned, dressed appropriately with the right condiments and toasted rye; all in all a grand sandwich.  Thank you boys!! You truly brought me back to my wonderful days of NY.

I am totally digging the Food Truck culture and grateful that I get to taste the streets of NY right here in Orlando. Thank you C&S Brisket Bus, kudos for such a fine job!!

C&S Brisket Bus can be contacted via their Website, Tweets, and FB Page.



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