Epicurean’s Delight On Wheels – Big Wheels Provisions Food Truck

Orlando Food Truck Bazaar debuted in March of this year. Since then, the Food Truck Revolution has hit Orlando with lightening speed, gaining in popularity to such an extent that now at the very least 3-4 times a week, one can visit these bazaars.

I chose Lake Nona Food Truck Bazaar as my very first as they had 19 food trucks attending. I do relish my variety. I was pretty impressed with the variety however ultimately for me; the true test lies in taste. We initiated our hunt by taking a stroll; making selections based primarily on uniqueness and ethnicity.

What drew us to Big Wheels was their menu with variety to please any gourmand lover; pork belly, artichokes, risotto, madras curry, etc. Oh my! Am I really standing in line at a Food Truck? Their motto “At Big Wheels, there is something locally grown, raised or made by local farmers or food artisans” tugged our organic/green hearts too.

At the window, I asked Tony Adams what his favorite on the menu was: Short Ribs. Hmm, I love my short ribs but I can never resist Foie Gras or Pork Belly. We ordered the Pork Belly Banh Mi and Crab and Sticky Rice in a Florida Avocado.

The first thing that struck us was the beautiful presentation. By far, the most unique style of presentation so far we observed at the Food Truck Bazaar.

The Florida lump crab was sweet and dressed lightly in the vinaigrette, the sticky rice topped with nori was an amazing textural experience with each bite. The entire dish married well with its individual components.  If it wasn’t for the hustle & bustle of the Bazaar, I could see myself enjoying this dish sitting at a high end Japanese Restaurant in NYC or SF.

The crispy kurubota pork belly banh mi sandwich was sublime; juicy and fatty pork belly complimented perfectly with pickled vegetables, herbs, and smeared with foie gras was oozing with flavor. My only observation was that the pork belly wasn’t as crispy as its true potential. But who’s complaining, I was in pure hog heaven.

Ironing boards set as tables was yet another playful touch of Tony Adams and his amazing team. Cool!

Big Wheel Provisions has certainly taken a simple Food Truck and transformed into an ideal gourmet kitchen on wheels, producing nothing but the best. Hands down my favorite!!

Details can be found at their website.  Stay upraised of their latest events and locations at Twitter and FB.



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