Giordano’s Pizza: Chicago Style Pizza at it’s Best!

A bit of background on my trip first. My son chose Chicago to celebrate his 14th birthday.   I was excited about his decision as Chicago proudly boasts a multitude of gastronomical adventures for all foodies, and it certainly is gorgeous in the summer. Knowing too well how anal retentive I am about organization, I quickly initiated my research to find the best of what Chi-Town had to offer for a quick weekend getaway.

A trip to Chi Town without the infamous Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza would truly be unfair. Chicago residents are perpetually trying to convince rest of the world (especially NY Style Pizza lovers like myself) that Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is it, blah. Well, the true test lies in the taste. So, obviously, top of my list had to have a pizza stop. My research narrowed it down to 3 places – GiordanosLou Malnatis, or Burt’s place.  I chose Giordanos since it was the closest, walking distance wise to Millennium Park.

Fearing long lines since it takes approximately 35 minutes to cook a Chicago style pizza; I promptly arrived at Giordanos at 11 am.  Walking under the blistering sun of an unusually hot summer for Chicago; we got served chilled iced water even before we were seated.  How thoughtful!

As I had already familiarized the menu (what was like before the net?), I swiftly ordered the Special with sausage, onion, and pepper stuffed pizza and a Spinach and Cheese medium pie.

To keep ourselves distracted from our hungry bellies (since we omitted breakfast to do full justice to deep dish pizza); I ordered the spinach and artichoke dip. To be honest, I quite enjoyed the fresh and flavorful taste of it. Most artichoke dips seem disappointingly bland.

While waiting for our pizza, I glanced around the room.  The room was filled with tourists like me with nothing distinctive to write per se about the ambiance or décor. I was there for the pizza rest in particular didn’t matter to me.

We greedily tore into our first bite. Whoever said that there is nothing like Chicago deep dish pizza; I couldn’t agree more. Now I have had deep dish pizzas in various states, but nothing even comes close to the taste of Chicago.

Both the pies astonished me with their ultra lightness. The buttery crust, flavorful sauce, and lightly filled pizzas were wonderfully made; I relished each morsel of my Giordanos pizza. We actually polished of both our pizzas and could have ordered another. It was just that good.



Now I am a diehard NY style pizza gal; if there was any pizza which might make me consider switching my allegiance, Giordanos might just do it. Giordanos has various locations; check their website for the location nearest to you. And do have a slice for me too!!

No matter which pizza place you choose, a visit to Chicago, especially for food aficionados, is incomplete without a “Chicago style deep dish pizza”.


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