Honeycomb to Cereal Bowl: Living Billboard with @cheerios & Florida Honey! #honeynutcheerios

We were on site to capture this exciting project, might I add the first of it’s kind, between Honey Nut Cheerios’ & local Florida Honey Company Honey B Good Apiaries with Beekeeper Brent Dickson. One-of-a-kind living billboard installation, to celebrate the classic cereal’s key ingredient – golden, real honey. Much more than just a billboard installation, the three-story free-standing structure was home to more than 100,000 honeybees. The honey produced from the working hives was used to spell out “Made with Real Honey” on the exterior of the installation. Also, a limited number of exclusive boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios were produced from the local Florida honey. Super Cool!


If you watch the entire video, you just might spot someone you know (hint, hint).

Constructed in the farm fields at Diamond P Farm and Ranch, the honey-bees used in the creation of the billboard were supplied in partnership with Brent Dickson. This rare and artistic living billboard is comprised of actual live honey bee hives producing actual honey to be used in a number of Honey Nut Cheerios boxes.

Dickson Family

Fascinated with bees, curiosity got the better of Brent who ended up taking multiple classes (one does require steels of nerve) in bee keeping. An intriguing & grueling process, these hard working bees only produce pea-sized honey their entire lives. 25 plus gallons were used for the living bill board amounting to 3-4 months of hard work from honey making, to keeping the bees safe & healthy, to moving the hives into the installation site.

“Sweet Mrs. Dickson proudly shared with us that the honey after the installation campaign will be distributed back to the bees. After all the hard work, they certainly deserve it”.

Brent ideally would love to see real honey be used by everyone including all other products the bees work so hard at.

Also on site were one of my personal favorite local restaurant – The Osprey Tavern with the talented Executive Chef Joseph Burnett & Pastry Chef Kristy Carlucci. Chef Burnett shared his expertise incorporating local and sustainable ingredients to create classic home-style favorites. Pastry Chef Carlucci created a Banana Cream Pie using Honey Nut Cheerios & local Florida Honey.


Cheerios made with local Florida honey

True to standards, most of the beekeepers who make the honey for Honey Nut Cheerios run family businesses and depend on their bees to make a living. Florida honeybees produced local honey to create Limited Edition Honey Nut Cheerios. Connect with Cheerios via their website, Facebook, & Twitter.

Thousand thanks to Ms. Shannon Frieser and Ketchum PR group for including us in this honey-licious event and providing the Broll & photographs. 

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