Hot Doug’s: Need I Say More?

A trip to Chi Town without the infamous Chicago Dog is injustice. Rave reviews from Anthony Bourdain, Zimmerman, and local food critics pointed me to Hot Doug’s.  An ever-changing menu of dozen or more varieties of Dogs and Duck Fries; how could one go wrong?

Unbeknownst to me the week we traveled to Chicago, Chi Town was hit with a heat wave with sweltering unimaginable hot temperatures.  However, I wasn’t to be deterred by 100 degree temperatures.  Since we were staying on Michigan Mile, it was a bit of trek to check out Hot Doug’s. I decided to stop by after my lunch at Sabri Nihari on Devon Avenue (both on North West side).

Now all of us were already carbed out with our Indian/Pakistani luncheon. My son (such a trooper) shared my enthusiasm for Hot Doug’s.  We reached Hot Doug’s a bit after 3 pm in our cab. To my surprise, there was still a long line out the small shop. Did I make the right call? Should we wait in this heat? Well, after all we were already there. Why not?

The wait in line gave us the time to decide from the multitude of choices facing us.  I had to make my decision wisely since only 2 of us were willing to taste and share. I ordered the classic Chicago Dog and the glutton in me picked Foie gras and Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli, and some Fries. (Note the Duck Fat Fries are only made on the weekends). Incidentally it is a cash-only counter.

One bite of my Foie Gras and Duck Sausage with Truffle Aioli; I was literally in decadent hog heaven. Yes!! It was absolutely worth it. And my snooty ass will withstand any long line for another bite, any time.

The Chicago style Dog with all the trimmings was true to it’s roots with fresh ingredients maintaining the kick, and the fries were hot and crispy.


I wish I had the appetite to try their other game concoctions, but there is always the next time.

A well deserved iconic addition to the Chicago Culinary scene; Hot Doug’s is a MUST for all foodies and lovers of encased meats.



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