Hue: A Home Run with Urban Atmosphere & Location!

Location, location, location. Hue hits it right on spot with their choice of placing their establishment in the young and metropolitan surroundings of Thornton Park. The interiors are modern and the outdoor dining patio ideal for people watching or enjoying a drink at happy hour after work.

The wine menu is extensive, spanning across with global offering: interestingly enough most selections are available by glass too. We visited Hue on a weekday so; we ordered dinner and shared a dessert.

The Duck was presented well; however it lacked in flavors. Both the duck and the risotto were cooked to perfection yet something seemed to be missing. A bit more lemon zest? More spice? Something/anything?

Duck Breast, Cranberry Reduction, English Peas, Butternut Squash & Amaretto Risotto


The lamb was surprisingly packed with flavors, including the lentils. If you don’t particularly fancy lentils, Hue’s is a great way to start appreciating them.

Roasted Lamb, Prosciutto Rolled, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Garlic Green Lentils, Root Vegetables


The highlight of the evening undoubtedly was the Bourbon Pecan Split. The Pecan Pie was supremely melting in your mouth, sinfully delicious. It was just the right amount of sweetness with the filing brimming with flavors. Can I be bold enough to state perhaps the ‘best’ Pecan Pie I have tasted?

Bourbon Pecan Split


I expected the staff to be more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their menu items; still they certainly won me over with their attentiveness and courtesy.

The hip ambiance, beautiful people suavely dressed, fun patio, ideal location, and good food earns Hue as a ‘Hot Spot’. Drop in for brunch after a refreshing stroll around the Park; bring your date for a romantic night out. Whether it is a celebration or just because – do add Hue to your dining list.

Note: If you are Jazz lover, Hue offers Thursday nights Jazz in the Patio and live music with Sunday Brunch too. Urban Life Management Restaurant Group also owns two more restaurants in the down town area – Cityfish and Citrus. I am certainly looking forward to trying both, hopefully soon.

Cheers to all who head out to experience a truly urban atmosphere; have a glass for me!!



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