Insanely Delicious: Hot Sauces from @fatcatfoods are a #SpicyChat Must!

I finally had the pleasure of tasting Fat Cat Foods HOT Sauces at a recent Yelp event. Most hot sauces I have tasted are single dimensional meaning that all you taste is heat. And even the heat is NOT hot enough, at least by #spicychat standards. Fat Cat Sauces were an unexpected surprise that won me over with just one spoonful. Yes, I did taste each one individually with only a spoon. One taste, and you’ll be hooked for life, I was!

The key to a great hot sauce is the right balance of burn and flavor. And I can not emphasize enough, how skillfully, Deborah & Eyal have managed to incorporate  flavor and heat in a bottle.  If you are a fan of heat, I highly recommend introducing your palate to Fat Cat hot sauces. Their sauces are artfully blended, kissed with various spices, and beneath the bold kick of heat you will discover a sauce that has depth and complexity that will elevate and compliment just about any dish beautifully.

Fat Cat Gourmet Foods is the brainchild of husband and wife, Eyal Goldshmid and Deborah Moskowitz. Deborah loves gardening. Eyal (pronounced “Ale,” like the beer) loves cooking and has been making homemade condiments for years. Every year, when Deborah’s garden reached harvest time, Eyal snatched what he could and started cooking. The rest, shall we say, is condiment history.

Since I received my sampler pack, it will be fair to say that hot sauce has been haunting my dreams. I have been vigorously taste testing to showcase Fat Cat hot sauces creative reach. A little dash here, a mega dash there, and voila’, I created some magic. I will be sharing my recipes over the next few weeks, until then here are my taste testing notes.

In the mean while check out BG Garden’s Pork Kabebs, whose motto is: “Country living bought me to the cyber world sharing the good things found in the garden growing. No soil needed, just a passion for life!” Here’s the recipe and video link.



Taste Testing:

Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost: Pleasantly sweet and lip-smacking with a gentle kick, this slightly sweet blend is dynamite on pork bbq, tacos, and burgers. They took one of the world’s hottest peppers, the ghost chili to create a MILD sauce from it, accenting its smoky flavor instead of its maddening heat.  Heat Level: 1 (out of 10)

Papaya Pequin Passion: This sauce delivers heat and fruit incredibly well. Inspired by the exotic flavors of the Caribbean, this unique sauce features a tantalizing blend of papaya, pineapple, ginger, allspice and more — all brought together by the inclusion of pequin peppers, tiny fire starters that pack some serious back heat. Sweet and spicy in the best sense of the words, it’s the perfect topper for lighter meats like turkey breast, ham or pork loin, and a natural match for seafood. Heat Level: 3 (out of 10)

Purry-Purry Sauce: Fat Cat’s version of the classic South African condiment Piri-Piri is vibrant and packs some serious heat. A magical mix of caramelized onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and pequin peppers. It is thick enough to enjoy as a dip too. Try it on empanadas or wings. I made a tartar sauce with this to accompany my panko crusted fish tacos. Oh my! they were amazing!! Heat Level: 5 (out of 10)

Mexican-Style Habanero: Now this one has a nose to it. One sniff and you are hit with a zing of citrus, tart, and spice. It’s got some powerful juices in the bottle but it’s also sweet and savory. Add it to eggs, fried chicken, enchiladas — anywhere you want to feel some South of the Border spice.  Heat Level: 7 (out of 10)

Caribbean Curry: Here’s a bold and addictive blend that will transport you to the islands. It will be amazing on oysters, smoked salmon, or to spice up your mashed potatoes. Yellow habanero is paired with onions, serranos, Jamaican curry powder and more, to create a savory, complex and fiery condiment that adds the exotic flavors of the Caribbean to any dish. We love it poured over fried chicken, used as a dip for grilled meat or fish, over eggs — even mixed into mashed potatoes and hummus. Yum! Heat Level: 8 (out of 10)

Cat in Heat: This sauce is made with love, tomatoes, and a complex blend of ghost, habenero, and chipotle peppers. So darn good!! Smoky with an ever-increasing level that lingers in the mouth, this one is ideal for chili, stews, or wings. It is perfection in a bottle! To showcase the versatility, I concocted a Watermelon and Tequila cocktail and spiked it with Cat in Heat. It was refreshing and highly addictive.  Heat Level: 10 (out of 10)



Check out Fat Cat Foods Website for more inspirations. And be sure to Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for up-date events and information. This coming Thursday, April 18th, #SpicyChat is hosting a Twitter Party at 8 PM with Fat Cat Hot Sauces. Be sure to join in the fun and maybe you just might WIN some Hot Sauce too!!

Have you ever participated in a hot sauce tasting or is there a favorite brand that always occupies your pantry shelf? I would love to hear from you….until next time, have a spicy-licious day!!

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I think this shot taken by Jim White Photography says it ALL!


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