Korean BBQ Taco Box Food: A Medley of Flavors!!

Even though Orlando Food Truck Bazaar debuted in March of this year; I caught the Food Truck Bug only recently. I chose Lake Nona Food Truck Bazaar as my virgin endeavor since they had 19 food trucks attending; I do relish my variety.

Little did I know that the extensive assortment could hardly be experienced in one visit, not to mention my poor stomach? There is only so much a poor gal can eat. Having the knowledge that Orlando hosted at least 3-4 bazaars a week was some consolation. At Lake Nona, I quickly browsed through the bazaar noting which trucks were attending the Apopka Food Truck Round Up the following week. That narrowed the selection to a few, which I could taste and truly relish the experience.

This brings me to Apopka Food Truck Round Up, hosted every first Thursday of the month at Kit Land Nelson Park. They have 11 resident trucks, plus 3 visiting trucks rotated on the basis of Facebook fan votes and an in-house wait list.

Being raised in India, I am somewhat partial to bold, spicy flavors.  Korean BBQ Taco Box was the natural choice to hit first at Apopka. To my pleasant surprise, I was greeted by the ever smiling Droolius (fellow flogger) working the window at the Korean Food Truck. (With his endorsement, I knew I was in good hands). I eagerly ordered 2 of his favorites from the menu: Spicy Pork and Beef with Rice.


I used the time while waiting for my meals to browse the photograph based menu posted in front of the yellow truck. All Box meals came with a salad dressed in a house ginger dressing and Korean side dishes: 1 spicy chicken wing, 2 pcs fried cheese roll, fried tofu with teriyaki sauce, and 1 pc of egg omelet roll.  Hmm, that is a wholesome meal in itself, certainly the largest portions in comparison to rest of the truck offerings. The reasonable pricing was similar to lunch fare offered in most South East Asian Restaurants.

Let’s Eat! The Spicy Pork was cooked well and was tender. Even though they highlight ‘spicy’ in the description, it really isn’t spicy per se. At best, I would describe the dish as bold with flavors to please any palate spicy or not. Sometimes, spice as in ‘chili hot’ isn’t necessary to relish a dish.  I couldn’t help noticing that the fried tofu with teriyaki sauce seemed to be missing from my plate. Ah well, who’s complaining though? With the generous portions, there was plenty for everyone to eat and enjoy.



The salad dressing was light and refreshing on the palate; the egg omelet fresh and fluffy; the chicken wing was fried and coated with house made smoky sauce; the cheese roll was cheesy for the lack of a better word. I didn’t particularly care for the mayo/aioli style sauce on top, it was too dense. And may I add I surely didn’t miss the absence of the infamous Korean kimchi, a staple side dish in Korean Cuisine; I haven’t acquired a taste for it yet.

 The Beef was cooked medium, rendering the meat juicy and tender. Beef in my personal opinion, if cooked well, doesn’t require addition of an extensive list of ingredients. The Beef at Korean BBQ Truck was lightly marinated and seasoned perfectly, nicely done!’


I was extremely pleased with the quality of my meal at Korean BBQ Taco Truck and I for one am looking forward to tasting rest of their menu. They can be contacted via their Website, Twitter, or FB.
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