Memories of India: Is My Comfort Spot!

I tend to make it a point of not eating out at Indian restaurants for obvious reasons – I can cook it and am pretty darn good at it, if I may say so. That said a girl does need a break once in a while?

My attempts of satiating my gluttony take me to Memories of India in Lake Mary. There are 3 simple reasons I occasionally visit Memories of India.

  1.  For the Sunday brunch – At @13.95 a plate with unlimited champagne (cheap version), it is quite a bargain for the variety offered.
  2. Butter Naan – Now I can make most Indian breads at home with great success in my own professional grade Viking oven, yet I can’t reproduce the effect a Tandoor has on the infamous Naan.
  3. Mango Ice cream – I can always buy this at my local Indian grocery store but where is the fun in that? At Memories all I do is eat and the rest is all taken care of.

The staff per se is gracious and attentive; the décor and ambiance not much to speak about. The food tends to have hits and misses based on how obliging the cooks are on that day. Today, the cooks seemed to have bestowed their love and attention to the Cottage Cheese and Peas Makhani Curry.  (That was the only dish I took second helpings of). The Saffron Chicken was juicy but I couldn’t find the Saffron in it? The Tandoori Chicken as usual was too dry. The curries were mildly flavored, which is a smart thing since the clientele is suburban at this location.

Over all, it filled our hungry bellies. But then, I do tend to have higher expectations from Indian food since I was raised in Delhi and have an extremely personal affinity with most regional cuisines of the country.  I will be returning to try out dishes from their al-a carte menu too. (One can’t truly judge the quality of a restaurant solely based on mass production of a buffet).

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