Outback Steakhouse

Backdrop….Monday nights are @Foodiechats on Twitter hosted by Steve Green with a new theme each week. Past Monday’s theme was ‘Dining Out’. One of the perpetual questions asked was one’s favorite fix for Burger and Fries. Needless to say, ‘burgers’ were on my mind.

I was literally a stone’s throw distance from the Steakhouse which fellow foodies were raving about.  Lo behold, it’s time to add another entry to my long foray of burger joints.

First time diner…. Clean lines, contemporary lighting, wooden booths; not what I would expect from a steakhouse (comparing to Peter Luger’s). Hold on a minute? Australian Map on the wall? I didn’t know MORTON’s was an Australian chain?? I couldn’t help laughing at myself. The #foodiechats was discussing Morton’s and for some odd reason I landed up at Outback. Oh well, they do have burger’s on the menu and they are a steakhouse so why not?

Food & Drinks….The cocktail menu grabbed my attention with the ‘Naturally Skinny-Rita’. The drink was smooth and certainly quenched my thirst without feeling guilty for indulging myself in a cocktail beginning of the week (under 150 calories).

We were served warm brown bread with whipped butter. The butter was creamy and might I add the ideal temperature for spreading. Shhh, don’t tell anyone that I ended up having 2 slices slathered with butter.

Outback doesn’t offer too many choices when it comes to sandwiches. Well, at times cooking classic items well is all one needs; especially for the burger purists. I ordered The Outback Burger, medium cooked, all the fixings, American cheese, side of sweet potato fries, and a house salad for my daughter.

The burger was cooked medium, just as I prefer; nicely done. The simple seasonings allowed the beef to shine through; standard sesame bun topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mustard (cheese additional no charge). A gourmet burger this is not, but for a chain, I found it decent. Neither too crispy nor too soggy, sweet potato fries were sparsely seasoned.
Everything else….our server took a long time to acknowledge us but aside from the repeat ordering to ensure he understood our order, he was polite and our food came out in a timely fashion. By the time w left, the entire place was jam-packed and it was only Tuesday? Apparently, Outback is only open for dinner.
Bottom line… Perhaps not worth a trip unless you’re in the neighborhood but over all decent joint considering it is a chain. The quest for the tastiest burgers in Central Florida continues.For more Information check out their website, twitter, and FBpage.

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