Paris Bakery & Cafe: Yes! This is Why I Adore French Cuisine!

I have had my eye on Paris Bakery & Café for a while now. On my recent trip to Miami, I planned it in a manner that would allow me to make a stop at breakfast/brunch time (my favorite meal of the day).

A tad on the smaller side, we chose to dine on the street patio. The Eiffel tower shaped sculpture were decorated with beautifully arranged sunflowers that were reminiscent of my drives through the French countryside in the Champagne Region; where one sees huge fields of sunflowers or vineyards of champagne grapes on either side of the road.

The eclectic art work adorning the café walls seemed like an accurate extension of the owner Ms. Martin’s warm and bubbly personality. Ms. Martin’s has created perfect settings for warm and family friendly local joint offering exceptionally scrumptious meals.

Now I had already done my research and was eagerly looking forward to ordering from the extensive list of savory and sweet crepes amongst other items.  We ordered Crepe Fantaisie, Ouef Fiorentina , Spinach and Cheese Quiche, Crepe Belle Helene, and Croissants.

I must confess that they won my vote right there when I got served coffee by Illy. Now a girl needs her cup of Joe, to get served a cup of Illy espresso and a croissant in hand; I was in sheer bliss.

The blackened chicken crepe was supremely perfect. Just the right thinness expected from a crepe and the creamy béchamel sauce (mother all of French sauces) did indeed hold its name in all its glory. Crepe Helene was simply decadent. Topped with creamy vanilla ice cream it was the ultimate breakfast indulgence.

The Quiche was light however; the star of the dish for me was the fresh green salad with the sweet tarragon dressing. One can appreciate how the ‘French’ take their food seriously and demand the highest quality from their ingredients and cooking.

Now for me the true taste test of any ‘French bakery’ lies in the croissant. One bite confirmed that I had made the right judgments call for Paris Bakery & Cafe.  Fair enough to state that this was the first ‘authentic’ croissant I had tasted in the state of Florida. Tall order, absolutely! The bread basket with butter, preserves, and French baguette maintained its roots to the typical offerings that I encountered during my travels to France.

The poached eggs dipped in cream and finished with spinach, bacon, and mozzarella cheese melt in your mouth (I simply couldn’t get enough of them; though I would have liked my poached eggs runnier).

With a little bit of imagination and assistance from the flavors of Paris Café, I find myself transported to the glorious culinary adventures I was fortunate to experience in the streets of France. Paris Bakery & Café is a local hidden gem; so stop by whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or just to grab the scrumptious Croissants. 

If you are in a 100 mile radius of West Palm Beach, I highly recommend a slight detour to Paris Bakery and Café.  Hopefully you will relish it as much I did.


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