RanGetsu: Do Appearances Matter More in Modern Times?

I finally made it to RangGetsu. It has been on my dining radar since it’s renovation, not to mention the buzz around town. Have you been to RanGestsu yet, have you?

Ideally located right on the perch of Lake Lily in Maitland. RanGetsu has transformed the outdoor patio (a necessity in Florida) into a beautiful, relaxing, and inviting chic space with their over sized patio sofas and umbrellas. How can you not fall in love instantly at first sight? Ooh! I forget to mention the friendly, and polished complimentary valet service. By now, you are getting the picture. It is going to be very good night, after all.

We started off the evening with the Fire & Ice Martini and Sappora on tap. The martini had a kick, which was unexpected but relished nonetheless. RanGetsu has created a menu which is spanned across different styles of cooking, sure to please even the most finicky of diners. After careful deliberation we ordered:

Robato: Chorizo, Chicken Thigh, Fingerling Potatoes, and Shishita Peppers. I was thoroughly impressed with the stunning presentation. It looked too pretty to dig in. Sadly though, all the items were under seasoned. The highlight of these dishes were undoubtedly the miso butter and RanGetsu dipping sauce.

Cold Appetizers: Tuna Flatbread – I have had better grade tuna still, this dish was a party in my mouth with the crispy, tangy, and sweet flavors and textures.

Sushi: Dragon, Golden, & Negi Hama Rolls – Once more I couldn’t help noticing there was more emphasis and effort spent on the arrangement than the food itself. Something was definitely lacking here, perhaps the flavors? Dousing the rolls in wasabi or soy also didn’t quite make it more appealing.

Kitchen: Loco Moco – Hawaiian twist on fried rice.


RanGetsu has transformed the space to a chic, modern, and gorgeous lounge- restaurant, the location is ideal,  the service truly impeccable, yet I left disappointed. Sadly, RanGetsu with all the hype couldn’t deliver on one, rather the only criteria that counts in my books and will win my loyal patronage: taste. Don’t get me wrong. The presentation and delivery were perfect.Personally for me though, the dishes were under seasoned and plain blah. Not to mention I have had experienced far better grade sushi.

RanGestsu does get kudos for providing an ideal dining experience. That said, I left  RanGetsu with my belly full and burning question, do appearances count more in today’s modern times?


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  1. It definitely is not as good as the original location and the change in focus is noticeable. I really liked the atmosphere, though it can get loud since it’s entirely open design across the dining rooms.

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