Refreshing & Flavorful: Cucumber & Lime Infused Water!

Whether you have just completed another successful round of Insanity or Zumba, ate something way too spicy, or simply cause it’s ‘hot’ outside, there is nothing that quenches your thirst and re-hydrates your body and soul, quite like water.

I know, I know. I hear people say it all the time ‘water is boring’. So I am here to motivate YOU to drink more water with an easy formula for making your own quick, simple, and healthy infused water with endless possibilities.

My first taste of flavored or infused water was at Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami. They had an array of flavors in huge glass jars in the pool area to keep hotel guests hydrated, of course with compliments of the hotel. It caught my eye not only cause I was thirsty but they looked like beautiful art worthy of center pieces. The next opportunity I had to create them was at my husband’s birthday party that involved private Zumba lesson by the talented Ms. Vanessa of RythmX studios here in Orlando and an exclusive wine tasting for our guests. You get the picture right? Workout and wine, yes we do need fluids. I decided to create a big batch of cucumber water and rest is history, as we say. Now for every party we have, I always create a batch, constantly experimenting with unique flavors.

Flavor Infused Water

You can add tons of different fruits, vegetables, and herbs to make water taste better. Fill up a pitcher, toss in a combination of your favorite fresh produce, and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours as the longer it steeps, the more pronounced flavor. Enjoy a glass of water kissed with subtle flavors; healthy, refreshing, and flavorful! It’s that touch of extra that is actually good for you without compromising calories.




  • 2 whole cucumbers, rinsed, and sliced round
  • 4 limes, rinsed, and sliced round
  • Bunch of mint leaves, rinsed
  • Ice to serve
  • 2 gallons of filtered water
  • Beverage dispenser


  1. For Cucumber Water: Add cucumbers and water in a beverage dispenser. Let steep for a few hours before serving. Right before serving, throw in ice to keep the water cool.
  2. For Lime Water: Add limes, mint, and water in a beverage dispenser. Let steep for a few hours before serving. Right before serving, throw in ice to keep the water cool.

I have shared two of my favorite and refreshing options. Listed below are awesome options to create flavored water based on your taste palate.

  1. Orange, grapefruit, blood oranges, or lemon.
  2. Pineapple and mint.
  3. Cantaloupe or honey dew melon.
  4. Kiwi and basil.
  5. Fresh ginger, mint, and fennel.
  6. Blackberry and lime.
  7. Strawberry and basil.
  8. Peach and rosemary.


Have YOU had a glass today? I would love to hear about your flavor combinations…until then, stay hydrated and refreshed, Drink more WATER!

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