Seito Sushi: a Culinary Game Changer for Orlando’s Japanese Cuisine!

What is O·MA·KA·SE? – a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef in a Japanese restaurant.

And then, there is Seito, aptly located smack on Broad Street, in the trendy Baldwin Park. Seito’s Omakase experience just doesn’t limit itself to Japan but draws from Executive Chef Austin’s (Le Cordon Bleu, Orlando) culinary training, and voracious appetite for innovation.

Here is my humble attempt at narrating our umami autered evening. The masterful Bokeh Studio was on-site, to recreate an exclusive avante-garde interpretation, capturing the essence of Seito, and it’s evolution. And you, my dear foodie friends, have front row seats!

Two words summarize these Cold Water Oysters with Cucumber, Wasabi Relish, House Cocktail, and Junmai Sake – Gastronomical Quickie.

Cold Oyster

It’s hard to capture in words the interplay between the Sweet Oyster Meat, pat of Almond Flour, and Nori, topped with Sambal Froth. The cooked oyster in all it’s buttery, juicy goodness; in one bite the oyster meat along with it’s flavorful juices is gone, leaving you wanting more and more.

Hot Osyters

BBQ Eel – Asian pear brulee, hot mustard, quick pickle cucumber. Glistening Eel, sweet, crispy, smoky; sweetness balanced with Hot Mustard and Pickled Cucumber. Another note-worthy creation of Chef Austin.


The fashionable Blistered Shishito Peppers, perked by Togarashi (Japanese pepper blend), topped with Bonito; served the purpose of a palate cleanser.

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Intensely buttery Yellowtail Belly, kissed with barrel aged White Soy Uni Foam and Cherry Smoke, melts on your tongue on contact. May I have seconds?

Yellowtail Belly

The ubiquitous House Smoked Salmon gets a glamorous make over with Ikura Mousse, Capers, Cucumbers, and Pickled Onions. It’s almost too pretty to touch!

House Cured Salmon

Seito’s take on fried calamari, is a spin-off of Japanese fried protein, with soy-based marinade –  BBQ Kara-age Squid, Hoisin BBQ, Crushed Peanut.

BBQ Calamari

Chirashi translates to “scattered;” I consider it sacrilege in reference to Seito. This Modern Chirashi with Sashimi, Tataki, Wagyu Beef Tartare, Fried Quail Egg, thoughtfully placed accouterments, atop Aonori seasoned Sushi Rice is an intricate picture of painstakingly placed, pristine morsels of heaven. Have you seen anything as spectacular as this?

Modern Chirashi

And for meat sustenance, locally sourced, flame-licked to perfection, Beef Tenderloin served with miso roasted Marble Potatoes, and blistered Shishito Peppers, certainly hits all the spots.

Chef Austin’s meticulous attention to presentation, taste, and mélange of flavors once again shines through.

Beef Tenderloin

Unbeknownst to Central Florida residents, the culinary partnership between restaurateur Mr. Chin and the forward-thinking Executive Chef Austin, just might be the celestial intervention, we commoners require to elevate our palates.

From traditional Japanese offerings to luxurious show-stoppers, Seito is honoring the traditions of the tried and true, marrying them with the progression of modern cuisine; to invoke a progressive designation – THE New Japanese Cuisine. Here is one instance where breaking boundaries is not only accepted, it is encouraged, revered,and passionately pursued.

For reservations to the Baldwin Park location, call (407) 898-8801. Enter with an open mind and an avid appetite, and hopefully Seito’s culinary team will enrichen your gastronomical perception.

PS: Our dining experience was based entirely on dishes of the regular menu. For the Seasonal Tasting Omakase Experience, a three-day notice is required.

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Until next time, have a delicious day!


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