Shanghai Chinese Restaurant: Finally a Take-Out Worthy of a Second Visit!


I am per se not a fan of take out as I prefer to dine at restaurants where I can simply sit back and enjoy my meal. Especially since, I am perpetually in my kitchen whipping up the next masterpiece. After having an overwhelming hectic April I was feeling rather lazy and since my family adores South Eastern Cuisine, not to mention that Shanghai is practically in my back yard; we ordered some take out. Having absolutely no expectations (being disappointed way too many times with Chinese takeout in CFL); the food at Shanghai was a refreshing welcome.

We ordered the typical dishes readily available in most takeout joints: Chicken Chow Mei Fun, Sesame Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce, and Hot & Spicy Beef.

Even though we stuck with the basics, they were non-greasy, light, and bursting with bold flavors. One could easily conclude that the dishes were made fresh to order. The spicy beef was ‘spicy’, tender slices of beef sautéed in a spicy dry sauce.

The Kung Pao & Sesame Chicken were not much to speak about in flavors. They were simply average. The Pork on the other hand was very tender, bursting with garlicky flavors. Nicely done!

The interesting fact to know before you order at Shanghai is that they have two menu prices, $5 for a small carry out box and one $9+ for the bigger portions. The $5 price is ideal to try new dishes without breaking the bank.

Another advantage Shanghai restaurant holds is their location. It is conveniently located right opposite World of Beer. Now all of you that are privy to World of Beer, you are familiar with their policy to allow BYOF (bring your own food). So any particular day you are craving a beer, head on to Shanghai restaurant, grab a bite, and nurse a beer on the patio of World of Beers; it’s the ideal marriage of beer and food.

Bottom line is that it was perhaps the best takeout I have experienced in CFL. Whether you are in a hurry, being lazy, or just strolling around Colonial Town Park, give Shanghai Restaurant a chance. Like me, you will be pleasantly surprised too.
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