Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: Miami at it’s Finest!

My previous trip (Summer 2010) to Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill in the new and upcoming Design District of Miami left me craving for more. Hence, on this trip, without any hesitation I made reservations for dinner with my family at Sugarcane. Unbeknownst to me, Sugarcane within a short span of one year had taken claim as the ‘Best Restaurant’ as per Miami Times and unanimous praise from various food enthusiast, a title rightfully deserved.

Sugarcane offers three distinct menus from 3 separate kitchens; Raw Bar, Robata Grill, and the Tapas Kitchen making one travel across the globe with the small plate offerings. We greedily glanced through the menu and picked few of our personal favorites through each section. The menu itself is unpretentious, with ingredients simply listed; leaving no clue whatsoever to the explosion of flavors each bite will bring.

Now I am neither a poet nor a writer. However, the dishes at Sugarcane inspire me to endeavor in the unknown world of literary writing. Here is my modest attempt at expressing the wonderful, bold creations from Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill.

Dining with adventurous souls such as my family, we opted to initiate our culinary experience with the Pig Ears. Am I stretching my imagination or did I taste a hint of Sweet Potato Fries tossed in spicy and smoky paprika? No, indeed we were munching on thinly sliced pig ears which went famously with the infused beer cocktails Sugarcane offers.

My son adores Oysters. From the raw bar came the Oysters, Crunchy Tuna Sushi Roll, and Yellowtail and Jalapeno roll.  The crunchy tuna served on a bed of sweet chili was flawlessly seasoned and the Tuna was a fine example of Sushi Grade Tuna.

From the Tapas style we chose the Bone Marrow, Sweet Breads, Goat Cheese Croquettes, Duck & Waffles, and Assorted Cheese Platter.  The sweetness of the Veal cheek marmalade takes the gelatinous marrow to a sublime place (I simply adore this dish).  The sweet breads were ideally paired with slices of oranges and capers. The duck confit was cooked to crispy perfection and the spiced maple syrup was another fine example of the magic created at Sugarcane.  They do take their food seriously.

From the Robata Grill came the Flat Bread with cured Tuna and Cauliflower. The sour cream sauce marries the tuna and flat bread perfectly, creating a highly sensual dish.

My humble suggestion perhaps will be to bring the cheese platter at par with rest of the dishes. Yes, a generous spread; however, I would have liked to see some uniqueness and not just an array of grocery store cheese presented beautifully.

The service is impeccable. Knowledgeable and pleasant staff with the assistance of helpers efficiently and silently works behind scenes to keep your table clean, switching plates through courses, refilling your drinks, and  ensuring a first class dining experience.

Now this is how a restaurant should be – hip ambiance, beautiful people suavely dressed, fun patio, artfully knowledgeable staff, and most importantly the boldly flavored food created by going the extra mile wins Sugarcane as one of my personal favorite restaurant on the globe. Whether it is a celebration or just another night out – do add Sugarcane to your ‘TO DO’ list for Miami.


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