Sushi Pop: A Must for All Sushi Lovers!

Gentle but rave whispers got us to Oviedo to try yet another Sushi Joint, Sushi Pop. I am partial to Amura; however, nothing had prepared me for the bursts of cool vibe at Sushi Pop.

Did they have a soft opening? How did I miss this amazingly hip place?

Modern yet whimsical architectural elements add to the snazzy and playful energy. While waiting for our first round of appetizers to arrive; I couldn’t help notice how each aspect of this restaurant has been meticulously designed from the lollipop containers filled with Soy to the selection of the staff. Chef Chau has achieved what many only dare dream; he has created a restaurant of a caliber which embodies his distinct personal signature and character. Kudos to Chef Chau!

 The staff is highly knowledgeable, exuberant yet patient with newcomers, and endearingly friendly. They brought a smile to my face as all of them exuded pride at being a part of this wonderful place.

Sushi restaurants are typically not recognized for their cocktails and liquor menu.  Sushi Pop has a unique menu; why am I not surprised given what I have experienced so far? The sangria was smooth, spicy and refreshing. They even have a decent tap menu.

For starters we ordered the Hot Rocks – Waygu Beef, Pork Belly Tacos, and Jalapeño Pepper Hamachi. Allowing diners to sear their own meat adds yet another element of playfulness to the experience.  My daughter aptly remarked “little bites of heaven”. The braised pork belly tacos were beautifully seasoned and garnished. The Yellowtail Hamachi was melting in your mouth and dressed perfectly with the right hint of spice. Needless to say it was my favorite dish of the evening.

From the Sushi menu we ordered Triple Tail, Red Hot’s, Bananarama, Black Widow, Volcano, and Candy Cane.

Each of the rolls was made with the highest quality ingredients including the seaweed and rice. The seafood was ultra fresh and clean.  The only roll I wasn’t impressed with was the Bananarama. I do love my eel, but the addition of banana, might have been a bit overwhelming even for me.

I to my surprise, even enjoyed the Volcano (made with imitation crab, since I am allergic to shell fish). The flawless presentation, freshness, and perfectly seasoned rolls did not require the generous bowls of condiments such as Siracha, Spicy Mayo, and Sweet Hoisin Sauce provided.

 This is one South East Asian restaurant where the happy ending is not to be missed.  Yes! I did indeed say that.  We ordered the Apple Fritters and PBJ Sorbet.

The Apple Fritters were lightly battered with bold five spice seasonings but not overpowering, and served with a side of ultra creamy maple ginger ice cream. I will be bold as to remark, one of the best I have ever tasted. Though, I would have liked to see a less stingier portion of the candied bacon.

The highlight though was the PBJ Sorbet made tableside with liquid Nitrogen; a deconstructed Peanut Butter and Jelly molecular gastronomy lesson, keeping in theme with the ultra trendy vibe of Sushi Pop.

 The playful yet whimsical concept of Sushi Pop will win even the most traditionalist Sushi lover’s heart; enticing them to kick of their shoes and relish this hip place. It is just that kind of place. The ambiance impels you to relax in a fun and playful environment, while tending to all your gourmand needs.

Calling all Sushi lovers – this one is worth the trek no matter which suburb of Orlando you reside in.



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