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One Company – HDH Consultants Group + One Organization – Humanity Del Sol, Inc = One Goal – “To Change How Consumers Consume, How Donors Give, and How Programs Impact“. Through Social Enterprise Let Us Change What We Purchase to Reflect What We Believe In.

Humanity Del Sol, Inc. is the non-profit beneficiary of all for-profit activity created by HDS Consultants Group. HDS Consultants Group seeks to transform how consumers of luxury products view, act, and give to philanthropic ventures. Through financial gains we can break the cycle of poverty and abuse by funding programs that educate, empower, and employ at risk global citizens.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the First Wine Social in Tampa at Zoe Yoga Lifestyle to support high-impact education and therapy programs for children and young people. With each bottle and case purchased, 80% of the proceeds go directly to the implementation of the Humanity Del Sol, Inc education and therapy programs.  For more information Join The Movement

Maria Lauricella

HDS Consultants Group has partnered with the Gimenez Riili Family Winery located in the prestigious Los Sauces, Tunuyan, Uco Valley of Argentina’s wine country in Mendoza, an area that produces the world’s finest Malbec wines. When the founder of Humanity Del Sol, Inc. and HDS Consultants Group, Maria Lauricella, sat down with the president of the Gimenez Riili Winery, Federico Gimenez Riili, to create an exclusive blend, they strived to capture the essence of the area’s Malbec tradition with a nod to the future of Argentinian wine.  The resulting wine was a deep ruby-red in color and produced aromas of red plums, black plums, and berries with tannins that create a complex, full-bodied taste experience. The blend is 85% Malbec grape and 15% Cabernet Franc. 

 Wine Tasting

A second wine was created for HDS by Gimenez Riili as a taste alternative to the red blend: a more traditional 100% Torrontés white. This exceptional grape is hand-harvested from the Valle de Famatina in La Rioja region of Argentina. Light yellow in color, this wine has a well-balanced nose with delicate and intense aromas. The palate is harmonious and elegant in expression. This Torrontés is sure to pair well with all your Argentine and Italian anti-pasti. 

To receive details on where to purchase this exclusive red Malbec blend and white Torrontés, please CONNECT with Humanity Del Sol directly.

SEE THE WORLD program will partner with a region’s highest quality producers from hotels to restaurants, artisan experiences to spas, and everything in between. The intent is to provide a client with a well-rounded fusion of cultural experience and volunteer opportunities. WEAR THE WORLD  focuses on the future production of all things fashion, including accessories and home goods. TASTE THE WORLD encompasses product development involving the senses of taste and smell.

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