The Ravenous Pig – Need I Say More?

Chef owned, The Ravenous Pig is still in the limelight and continues to be a popular favorite of Orlando residents. Somehow I still hadn’t ventured out to this restaurant.

Witnessing Chef Petrakis add another victory to his sleeve at Battle of the Parks,put The Pig on my radar. Coupled with running for the best burger in Orlando, it was time to pay this Gastropub a visit. Coincidently, my fellow foodie was craving burgers. Looks like the Food Gods had spoken; Ravenous Pig was the unanimous choice to indulge our gourmand hearts.

We walked into sophisticated yet simple interiors of walls mounted with large bronze mirrors, dim lighting, and my favorite tin ceiling. Hmm! Chic was the verdict.

To appease our hungry souls, we ordered the house made pretzels and biscuits to douse our draught pints. Soft pretzel lightly salted accompanied with whole grain mustard and Taleggio cheese fondue. I personally enjoyed the fondue the best. The Gruyere Biscuit was fresh, buttery, and smoky to taste, satisfying to say the very least.

For our main course we ordered the House made pasta and pub burger. House made fresh pasta, lightly dressed with Maine crab, tomatoes and brocolini; fair to say this was one of the better pasta’s coming out of Orlando Kitchens. I was duly impressed.

The Pub Burger – thinly cut truffle fries, crispy, and exuding the seductive aroma of truffles. Do I need to eat the burger? My burger was cooked perfectly as I ordered, medium, with pink interiors, nicely done. Caramelized onions topped with melted cheddar, all in all a decent burger.

Personally I have a soft spot for restaurants owned by chefs. Having the courage and conviction to open your personal eatery where one can showcase their passion for food and ambiance deserves much credit. And The Ravenous Pig is a fine example of a successful endeavor for the Petrakis Family.

High profile restaurants such as The Ravenous Pig carry a certain standard of dining and bring higher expectations to the table. Where The Ravenous Pig delivers in food, it lacks in customer service. I was particularly disappointed with our waiter; he was not only inattentive, but seemed too side tracked to cater to even our simple needs.

After dining here, I can very much relate to the critics and fellow foodies rave reviews about The Ravenous Pig.  It delivers delicious food in a trendy yet elegant ambiance.


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